The Puzzle Place has about a hundred (hand made) varieties of some of the world's greatest brain teasers including unique puzzles. We specialize in the Courtney Classic 3D puzzles - designed by Ian Courtney almost 30 years ago - never copied or duplicated. Handcrafting that no laser cutter will ever be able to do.


To top it all off, they are made from locally sourced Southern African timbers.


This is a family run business in the heart of Valley of a 1000 Hills, making these wooden puzzles with high standards of woodworking skills learnt over years of experience.


Our puzzles have traveled to most corners of the world and left the best impressions on those who have received them as gifts. See the maps in our shop with 1000's of pins.


The puzzles have various levels of complexity in different ways of thinking to challenge the entire family. Excellent for learning over and above the normal teaching in schools and beyond.  Many of the puzzles are used for educational purposes in numerous schools.

We also add corporate logos for those impressive, unusual gifts, ice-breakers at conferences and used for getting a new idea or conceptual thinking in the corporate world.


These puzzles make ever lasting memories and are perfect for all occasions.

Find YOUR perfect challenge here, on our website!

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