The right side of your brain is predominately used to determine shapes and we have a wide variety of designs to challenge the most determined thinker. From flat tangram style puzzles, 3D interlocking puzzles to 'simple' 3D shapes.

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Gordian Knot

Reputedly, one of the most challenging puzzles to master. This is guaranteed to keep everyone occupied for 'ages'.
From $15.33 (USD)

2 Piece Pyramid

Two pieces + one move to make the shape of a triangular based pyramid (a tetrahedron)
$5.11 (USD)

Nail Balance

Balance eleven nails on the head of one nail. A masterpiece of engineering. Simply brilliant or brilliantly simple (when you know how).
$7.22 (USD)

7 Piece Tangram

An ancient chinese puzzle with loads of intrigue.
$6.28 (USD)

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